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Kalanchoe Delagoensis by Victorrochajr on Flickr.


Fenris by sisterofthewolves

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Tilda Swinton in “Only Lovers Left Alive”

New Book on Cliff Chiang and The Wonder Woman You Almost Had From Him and Azzarello


You may know that Cliff Chiang is one of my favorite comic artists. I love his bold graphic style and his ability to capture the personality of a character in a look, a wink or the way they hold their body. He also manages to draw women that are sexy but never objectified. He is also one of the few artists that draws clothing for characters that I’d actually like to wear. 

Chiang is the focus of a new book from the TwoMorrows publishing and if you are also a fan of Chiang or the artist’s process I highly recommend it. You can buy a copy here.

In an a long form interview with Chris Arrant, the book provides an overview of Chiang’s career from student/intern at Marvel to editorial assistant at Vertigo to his emergence as an artist at DC Comics. For those who want to work in comics, it provides a valuable overview of the difficulties of breaking into the comic business.


The book also covers Chiang’s reboot of Wonder Woman with Brian Azzarello including the approach the two had originally planned for the character.

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(Illustration for my self-published GN: By Chance Or Providence) Pre-order at www.werehouse.ca

"Was this part of the bargain I struck?"